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Our story is that of the adventurous, passionate travelers born and raised in the fringes of Tanzania’s wild, eager to share with you the beauty and wonder that is Africa, with a blend of matchless gripping safari game drives and premium holiday comfort level at an affordable price, this is the Extreme Wilderness™, we take you to the best destinations in Africa with this Luxury African Safaris in Tanzania in  the best possible way.

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With years of experience, sheer expertise on Tanzania’s best destinations and a dedicated team that is always ready to support you  by answering all your safari related questions and planning luxury safaris for you, your family and friends. We’ll not only take you on a safari, but carve memories of an extraordinary Luxury African Safaris in Tanzania with full of  adventure.

Discover the best Tanzania Luxury Safaris  Itinerary that will suit your Travel, Creating Unforgettable memories, and making your African safari dream come true. You will come as a valuable client and leave as a best friend to keep in our Memories in this Luxury African Safaris in Tanzania with The Extreme Wilderness Adventure.

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Our Experience in Providing Luxury African Safaris Packages has made us the best in discovering the most valuable locations and attractions for a memorable event during your Tanzania Luxury Safari.

Our Packages

8 Days |Luxury Honeymoon Safari (Bush lovers)

Have the time of your life falling in love over and over again with secluded intimacy, shared unbreakable memories and sheer excitement..

10 Days | The Perfect Luxury Family Safari

An ideal luxury family safari that will give you the best and luxurious accommodations for you and your family. A program that guarantees fun for the whole family,  you will all have a great schedule ....

8 Days | The Great Northern Migration

The great wildebeest migration is one of the world’s fascinating ecological spectacle. Over one and a half million wildebeests together with tens of thousands of zebras, gazelles and other animals...

11 Days | Luxury Rwanda Tanzania Adventure

Once a land battered by the heart-breaking 1994 genocide between the Hutu and Tutsi, Rwanda is a testament how society can come together and heal.

7 Days | Gems of the North

Welcome to the world’s wildlife A-list destinations. You are in for a grand safari experience, see the predator and prey.

11 Days | The Southern Wildlife and spice Isles

This is the trip that gives you the best of both worlds.....